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The Best Organic Herbal and Botanical Products In Central Texas

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Natural Medicine Made From Healthy Herbs

Green Planet Apothecary of Austin, Texas, is our apothecary store that creates natural medicine from herbs. Specializing in the production of  herbal blends, we provide several other extracts, medicines, and products that have been engineered by nature. We offer herbal artisanal products that are well-crafted from only the finest ingredients, including ethnobotanicals from ethical producers around the world. Each herb is responsibly sourced, containing an active alkaloid, a chemical compound found in plants.

Blue Lotus is a well-known extract featuring up to 7 active alkaloids, making it especially powerful because each alkaloid offers different effects. Our products are available in tea form with ancient plant extracts that have been recognized for producing a medicinal effect for the treatment of health issues. When mixed together and customized, herbs have shown effective results with better flavors. We offer a wide variety of herbal products for individuals seeking a natural, organic approach to relaxation, reduced anxiety, and mental acuity.

This herbal product contains a potent relaxer and natural pain reliever. The extracts can be combined to create a customized herbal combination.

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A healthy alternative to coffee, this product is made of Green Thai, valerian root, and kava kava. This combination provides an all-natural stimulant effect.


The Blue Lotus promotes a pleasant and euphoric feeling. It is used in aromatherapy, ingested, smoked, made into tea or wine, and used as a sedative.

Blue Lotus

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